National Centre for School Leadership, NIEPA hian February 2018 atang khan India ram pumpui-a Government leh Government Aided School (Elementary, Secondary, Higher Secondary, Composite)Head leh Principal te tan ‘Online programme on School Leadership and Management’ course hi a kalpui a.

  • ·       Tunah hian Online Programme of Basic level for School Heads/Principals hi kalpui mek a ni a.
  • ·       He course hi Curricular area 7(pasarih)ah then ani a.
  • ·       Thla hnih leh a chanve chhung zir tur a ni.(Programme kimchang chu web url-ah hmuh theih a ni).
  • ·       He Online Programme zirchhuah hnufah hian,NCSL,NIEPA atangin certificate an dawng ang.

Kum 2019-2020 hian NCSL-NIEPA hian a hnuaia Online Programme te hi pek leh an tum bawk:

  • ·       Online Programme on School Leadership and Management of the Intermediate level for School Heads/Principals to be launched in 2019-2020.
  • ·       Online Programme for Leadership Development of System level functionaries (District/Block/Cluster) to be launched in 2019-2020.


The National Centre for School Leadership at the National Institute of Planning and Administration invites School Heads and Principals of Government and Government Aided Schools (Elementary, Secondary, Higher Secondary, Composite) across the country to register to its Online Programme on School Leadership and Management. This programme is open to all Central Government Schools also.

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