The state has constituted Selection Committee to select books for libraries under the chairmanship of Commissioner & Secretary, School Education Department and State Project Director was Member Secretary. Director, SCERT, Director of School Education Department, Nodal Officer of the project, representatives of different teachers associations and some literature writers were member of the Selection Committee.

During 2019-20, the state has procured library books centrally at the state level by the Selection Committee. 20 percent among the books are books of local language. All library reading corners were upgraded as a child friendly like poem corner, message board, etc. It is still proposed to constitute Library Management Committee for each and every school.    Most of the schools prepared reading period like story telling or reading. 

Library is an essential component of the school, providing not only resources for learning, but also strengthening the purpose of reading for pleasure, recreation and further deepening of knowledge and imagination. The state has processed more activities in line with the guidelines issued by MHRD. The books were categorized for age appropriate reading. Books for Classes I to V is known as BULBUL series, Classes VI to VIII as KOYAL series and Classes IX to XII as MYNAH series.

                           Library activities play an important role in generating interest and developing the habit of reading amongst children. It helps to build children’s engagement with the books, contribute to the development of their literacy skills, improves their vocabulary and builds their knowledge base.

Setting up of Readers club is done during 2020-21 in each and every school. Then the schools follow various activities to enhance reading habit amongst children –reading a story or poem or news, story-telling session, story writing, poetry writing, or preparing a wall magazine, etc. Involvement of parents is also promoted this year.